why start a natural pet care line & where to begin.

What’s all the RUFF-us?

Pet care products are a growing industry, as pets make the world a much happier place. So, you want to join the PAW-ty? Anything is paw-sible!

Ok, enough of the dog puns, let’s talk about re-tail therapy! 

It's the perfect time to start your own pet care line! Over 25% of households added a new furry member to their family in 2020, and 70% of households now have at least one pet!

Products that pamper your pet and improve their well-being are emerging as a new frontier for beauty and body care brands! Jump on the gravy-train and be at the forefront of a lucrative and growing pet product industry. 

Trusted beauty brands such as Kiehl’s, Aesop and Malin + Goetz, have applied their expertise to create the next generation of luxury pet shampoos and styling products.

Much like prestige skincare products, these pet products combine science and natural ingredients which condition the coat while also promoting healthy skin and providing protection from fleas!

If you want to get started creating your own premium pet care brand, makesy makes it easy with a wide selection of Made Better™ pet bases, ingredients, and of course pet-friendly fragrances!

Now that you don’t need to worry about your ingredients, here are a few inspirational diy pet product recipes to help get you started:


ruff patches soothing balm recipe

natural pet care products

 Want a natural remedy for your dog's itchy paws or dry, cracked skin? This recipe hydrates dry, cracked skin, especially on the elbows and paws. It contains moisturizing shea butter which helps to soothe itchy, irritated skin and contains amazonian copaiba oil, a cannabis-free alternative to CBD.

This recipe makes 32, 2.5oz finished sticks packaged in our eco-friendly paper tubes, similar to boho + bark natural paw balm stick for dogs.

You could retail these for $20 each for $640 total sales with just $260 spent in supplies. That's $380 in profit!

what you'll need:

4lbs of All-Natural Lip Balm Base

9l wax melter

16 oz amazonian copaiba oil

2 oz pet friendly fragrance (see our recommendation below)

32 74 ml kraft deodorant tubes 74 ml


    1. Melt 4lbs of all-natural lip balm base either in our 9l wax melter (or a large double boiler) and add 16oz of amazonian copaiba oil. Mix with a clean utensil until the copaiba oil is evenly distributed in the base.
    2. Add 2oz of your favorite pet-friendly fragrance. We suggest natural ivy geranium & pink rosemary for its gentle scent and pest repellent benefits!
    3. Once melted and mixed. Evenly pour your blend into your kraft deodorant tubes.
    4. Allow 12 hours to cool.  It also helps to refrigerate your sticks for up to an hour once they have reached room temperature.
    5. Boost your brand! Add a custom label to your new product using our discounted rate with Vistaprint. Show the part of you that makes this product truly special!


    natural dog healing silver spray recipe

    natural pet care products

     Cuts, scrapes, and hot spots — they happen! But it doesn’t mean your pet knows how to handle the constant itching!

    This healing spray recipe combines the natural antimicrobial power of colloidal silver (8 ppm) and organic agave prebiotic to boost the skin’s biome and help improve wound healing.

    This all-natural product is great in a spray bottle and is sure to be a summertime go-to for your dogs bug bites and minor cuts and scrapes.

    Similar products retail for $15 each. You can make at least 10, 2oz units with this recipe for about $75 in supplies. That's $150 total sales which means you'll make $75 in profit.

    what you'll need:

    16oz of colloidal silver

    1 oz of organic agave prebiotic

    3oz of filtered water

    (10) 2 oz spray bottles


      1. Start with 16oz of Colloidal Silver, add 1 oz of organic agave prebiotic and 3oz of filtered water mix until the powder is completely dissolved.
      2. Pour evenly into 10, 2 oz bottles and seal with a spray pump. 
      3. Add a label and you're ready to share it with the world.

      Who let the dogs out? Now, it is bath time!

      natural pet care products

      bath bar for pups recipe

      We're all aware that traditional shampoo and liquid soaps are mostly water, meaning they unnecessarily strain the environment and your wallet.

      Set your brand apart with a solid soap for pets that is better for the planet, your pet, and even yourself! This natural dog shampoo bar turns baths into a personal massage that will bring you and your best friend even closer together.

      Pet shampoo bars sell for around $10 per bar. With this recipe, you'll spend less than $24 all-in on supplies and you can make up 8 soap bars. You'll make $80 in total sales, and $56 in profit!

      what you'll need:

      1 lb of shea goat milk melt + pour soap base

      10 ml pet friendly fragrance (see our recommendation below)

      2 silicone oval 4 cavity mold w/logo


        1. Melt 1lb of shea goat milk melt + pour soap base in a microwave safe dish by microwaving for 30 seconds at a time.
        2. Once your soap is melted, add 10ml of your favorite pet-friendly fragrance (we suggest natural manuka milk & bergamot honey for its gentle yet addictive honey aroma!) and mix.
        3. Once mixed, evenly pour your mixture evenly into 2, silicone oval 4 cavity mold w/logo.
        4. Allow your bars to cool to room temperature and then place in the refrigerator for 15 minutes prior to removing them from the mold.
        5. Add a label and these soap bars are ready for bath time.

        Once inspiration strikes, check out this article, how to build a beauty brand & inspiring stories of success, to get more knowledge and inspiration to take your pet care business from dream to reality!