Virtual Making Events: Team Building + Group Wellness

Experience connection in a whole new way!

Learn how to make a candle, hand sanitizer, a diffuser, room spray, or how to make soap with a fun Maker expert at the makesy.


Are you looking for a fun, innovative, virtual team building activity? One that really stands out and gives you an opportunity to try something new?

Well, you’re in the right place! Our new Virtual Making Events were designed for people from all walks of life to experience team bonding in a new light. Get ready to virtually connect, collaborate, and create! 

Choose from any of the following home or body care DIY kits - they get sent directly to you and your group, wherever they are in the world:

Whichever one you choose, it is going to smell OH SO GOOD and provide a really cool experience for you and your group - make sure to check out some raving reviews at the end of this blog!

Considering we have the ability to do soooo many things on our screens nowadays, we dreamed up an innovative way of creating a sense of collaboration, community, entertainment, and education, all wrapped up in one delightful, smell-good experience.

Whether you’re hosting a team building event in the workplace, throwing a delightfully dreamy gathering for the bride-to-be, in need of a fun birthday activity, or looking to gather friends and family to simply try something new, our Virtual Making Events provide an unforgettable experience for everyone.

Once you provide the details about your interest via email or by filling out this form here, you get to connect with our Class Coordinator aka Edu-tainer, who provides top-tier service. She will ask questions to get to know hosts and their group for a unique, tailored-to-YOU experience. Do you have a certain theme in mind for your event? Looking to throw some cocktail testing in the mix? Our in-house expert is ready to roll up her sleeves and put together a fun and personal virtual event that brings your group together in a really cool way - get a sneak peek of the scene here!

DIY kits will be sent to each member of the group (whether they’re in remote settings or together in one location) so everyone has everything they need the day of the event, including the Zoom link that your personal host will use to virtually educate and entertain you. You’ll learn insider information in the making industry like buzzwords and fun facts, and be encouraged to interact with one another through video and virtual chat. This is a one-of-a-kind group activity that may even spark interest for those looking for a side hustle or hobby. At the end of each session, everyone gets to keep a beautifully handcrafted creation that smells AMAZING. 

We place a lot of focus on the making experience since it is proven to be beneficial for a variety of reasons. Making with your hands is an act of wellness as it encourages mindfulness and meditation; it’s a way to slow things down in our super busy lives.

An article in Psychology Today written by Susan Biali Haas M.D. states, “Working productively with our hands is profoundly pleasurable. There is something primal about this. We are made to be active and have actively used our hands as part of our daily survival for thousands of years. With the advent of so much technology, many of us move through our days with minimal physical effort. We push a button instead of scrubbing dishes or laundry. Overall, we get far less physical activity than would be optimal for our bodies and minds.”

 Since working remotely has become a major upward trend, companies have had to start rethinking the way they keep their employees connected and aligned. According to Forbes, 10 Workplace Trends To Watch For In 2021, online meetings, networking, and team building should be planned regularly while encouraging feedback from employees to keep them engaged. Consistent use of these activities can also contribute to retaining and attracting new talent. Employees want to feel connected to their place of work, even when working in a remote setting. Simple, regular acts of virtual connection like a Virtual Making Event can help workers feel a sense of community within their workplace. 

 Why not try something that gives you and your team a chance to try something different, connect with a common goal, learn a new skill, and step away from pushing buttons for a bit? You never know where making can take you.

“Everyone LOVED it and I’ve already received lots of positive feedback. The event was easy, straight forward, and just the right amount of effort. Can’t wait to light our candles and test them out!”
- Jenna Nichols, Account Executive Display + Video at Google

“The Event was amazing! Really appreciated the extra commentary and it was so well received by media!”
Megan Gallagher, Senior Account Executive at Coyne PR

That was such a luxurious event, it was a brilliant idea and fits our world perfectly today! 
- Hannah Jo McMahon, Nafta HR Business Partner at Marelli 

For more information on our Virtual Making Events, please send an email to or visit our website - Makesy Virtual Making Events