trends heating up & fizzling out in february.

The theme of this month's trend report is self-care and simplicity. Consumers are seeking fragrances that soothe and products that play double duty. Here's what's getting lit and burning out...

getting lit

structural candles


Structural candles shaped like bodies, busts, and works of art are becoming more popular as consumers fall for their creative shapes and unique appearance when burned. This figure from Caiyu Candle is available at Nordstrom and this bubble pillar candle was spotted on Etsy (among others) by Avenoir Odorem.





amber accords candle


Warm amber & gourmand accords are comforting while also being transportive. As consumers look to fragrance to provide functional benefits like stress relief and relaxation, they'll gravitate towards fragrance like orchid & black amber and candles like Otherland's Rattan candle which features sandalwood, golden amber, and warm musk.





body serum


Body serum, masks, & sculpting tools are on heating up as consumers seek products that treat the skin on their bodies as well as their faces. Lotions and oils are no longer enough. We're seeing serums like this Necessaire Body Serum that features active ingredients like hyaluronic acid and this Costa Brazil massage tool.





burning out

These trends aren't gone yet but we're seeing their replacements approach center stage!

taper candles


Votive candles used to be a staple on every dining room table and cozy nook but they're being replaced by tapers in all heights, shapes, and sizes. Tapers can offer a long burn time, come in a rainbow of colors and textures, and add immediate elegance to your decor. We love when the taper's design equals the boldness of the candle holder as seen in these beauties spotted at Anthropologie.






Single-ingredient skincare is so 2022! It's being replaced by multi-ingredient skincare products that do double duty and cut down on the number of products you need in your routine. Skincare doesn't need to be a 10 step process so products like the Multi-Peptide + HA Serum from The Ordinary mean customers get a variety of skin benefits in a single step.







Dark, heavy, narcotic accords are seeing their way out as consumers crave optimism and lightness in the year ahead. Think fragrances with notes of bergamot, coconut, or orange blossom like the Boy Smells Lanai Candle.