the ultimate guide to making pillar candles.

Time to level UP maker. We're taking our candle-making to new heights with pillars!

In this guide, we'll give you all the information you need to make your own pillar candles at home, including the best waxes to use, selecting and preparing your mold, choosing your wick, step-by-step instructions, and troubleshooting tips.

how to make pillar candles

what is a pillar candle?

Pillar candles are a popular type of candle that can be used for decoration or as a way to create ambiance in a room.

They are typically larger and more cylindrical than other candles, and they stand on their own without a container or holder.

You've likely seen smooth cylinder-shaped pillars before but sculptural shapes are taking center stage now and turning pillars into works of art!

Bubbles, dewdrops, and swirl molds are just the beginning! You can also add fragrance, dyes, and micas to achieve unique, eye-catching designs or layer different colors of wax within the same mold to create bold, color blocking. 

Once you've master the basics of making pillars, there are no limits to how creative you can get. Let's dive into everything you'll need to get started!


best waxes to use in pillar candles

You'll need a good wax that is designated for pillar candles. Harder waxes will perform better because they will make your candles less susceptible to dents and they'll burn properly.

There are several types of wax that can be used to make pillar candles, the most common being soy and paraffin waxes. You can also use 100% beeswax. These are two of our favorite types:

pillar candle wax
pillar candle wax

supreme parasoy pillar wax

ultracreme paraffin pillar wax


This is a luxurious beaded wax, ideal for pillar candle making. This clean burning candle wax is a blend of soy wax and high quality food-grade paraffin with a creamy white color. 


This wax is a smooth and creamy beaded wax for pillar candles. It's a clean burning natural candle wax made using high quality, food-grade paraffin with a bright white color. 



  • Clean burning, natural wax
  • Vegan and non-toxic
  • Made from soy and food-grade paraffin 
  • Off-white shade
  • Opaque, smooth and creamy appearance
  • Ideal for pillar candles
  • Even, slow burn
  • Beaded form for easy use
  • No frosting, cracking or flaking
  • Holds up to 10% fragrance load
  • Great hot / cold scent throw
  • Made in the USA
  • Clean burning, natural wax
  • Vegan and non-toxic
  • Made from food-grade paraffin
  • White pearly color
  • Smooth and creamy appearance
  • Ideal for pillar candles
  • Even, slow burn
  • Beaded form for easy use
  • No frosting, cracking or flaking
  • Holds up to 10% fragrance load
  • Great hot / cold scent throw
  • Made in the USA


how to make pillar candles

tips for selecting & preparing your mold

When making pillar candles, selecting the right mold is important! The mold will determine the shape and size of your candle. Here are some tips for selecting and preparing your mold:

  • Choose a mold that is sturdy and heat-resistant. We recommend silicone molds!
  • Makesy molds are made with a material called "super silicone." They're incredibly soft and flexible, which makes them easy to work with and less likely to leave imperfections when being removed.
  • Make sure your mold is the right size for your candle. If your mold is too small, your candle will not fill the mold completely. If your mold is too big, your candle will not stand up straight.

    wicks for pillar candles

    The final step is choosing your wick! You don't want to select your wick until you've chosen your mold and your wax.

    Make sure your mold has a hole centered in the bottom that you can pull your wick through. Use a wick bar like this to center it and keep it from falling into your wax.

    Makesy offers a wide selection of wicks ideal for pillar candles. Make sure you choose the right one by following our wick selection guide! 


    adding candle dye to your pillars

    You can have a lot of fun playing with the design of your pillar candles using dyes. Add a single color to your wax for a solid design or create a more colorful look through layers. You can also dip-dye your pillars to create an ombre effect. Learn more about using dyes in your pillars in this video.


    steps for making a pillar candle

    how to make pillar candles

    Now that you have selected your wick, wax and mold, it's time to make your pillar candle. 

    Now the fun can really begin!

    Here are the step-by-step instructions:

    1. Melt your wax in a double boiler or use a wax melter. If you do not have a double boiler, you can use a heat-resistant container placed inside a pot of water.
    2. While your wax is melting, prepare your wick by cutting it to the desired length and attaching it to the bottom of your mold using a wick sticker or hot glue.
    3. Once your wax is melted (we recommend heating it to 150 degrees Fahrenheit), add any fragrance oils or dyes if desired.
    4. Pour your wax into your prepared mold, making sure to leave some room at the top. The wax will shrink as it cools, so leaving some room will ensure that your candle is level.
    5. Allow your candle to cool and harden completely. This can take several hours, depending on the size of your candle.
    6. Once your finished candle is completely cool, remove it from the mold.



    pillar candle starter kit

    pillar candle starter kit

    Want an easy way to get started with pillar candles? The pillar candle starter kit includes waxes, fragrance, molds, and wicks to make up to 28 pillar candles. 

    • matte black wood wick trimmers
    • black pouring pitcher
    • fragrance blotter strips - pack of 20 
    • black silicone spatula 
    • digital scale 
    • digital thermometer 
    • 4 super silicone bubble mold 3 x 3 x 3" 
    • 4 super silicone swirl mold 
    • 5lb supreme parasoy pillar wax 
    • 5lb ultracreme paraffin pillar wax 
    • trendy & top sellers fragrance kit 
    • 16oz dark rose & labdanum (floral) or 16oz cashmere & vanilla (vanilla) 
    • performance cotton wick 75 - pack of 12 
    • the burn book (digital)


    troubleshooting tips

    • Make sure your candle is fully cold and don't unmold it prematurely.
    • Let your candles cool throughout the night, or for at least 4 hours. This will ensure that they don't crack or break when you're removing them from the mold.
    • Pop it into the fridge for 5-10 minutes to get it to unmold a little easier.
    • Be patient! Removing the mold gets easier as you practice!

    video tutorials

    Makesy has so many more tips to help you on your pillar candle making journey! 


    Happy making!