the ideal candle flame height.

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When we talk about having the ideal flame height, what we are really talking about is having the correct size wick for your particular candle. With a wooden wick, the goal is to have a full melt pool that is ½” deep at 2-3 hours, sometimes up to 4 for candles made with Soy wax.

If you are achieving a full melt pool before that or your candle is smoking, then it is likely your flame is too large and you will want to test the next wick size down in thickness.

On the other hand, a flame that is too small will most likely not achieve a full melt pool within the 2-4 hours, let alone ever, and will result in tunneling. An ideal flame height is achieved by having the right size wick thickness and width for the vessel size and wax blend and it will vary based on these factors.