The Hottest New Tools + Marissa from Just June Co.

You’re making AMAZING products, now it’s time to set yourself up for even MORE SUCCESS with the ULTIMATE MAKER SUPPLIES. 

Get ready to unleash your Maker superpowers with the HOTTEST TOOLS (no pun intended) that have us saying #DIYEVERYDAMNDAY.

Check out our new line-up of supplies that will have you making more efficiently, seamlessly, and safely:

  • Large Wax Melter - melting wax just got easier with this *hot* Maker tool, melting up to 19 POUNDS OF WAX AT ONCE!
  • Candle Makers Tool Kit (valued at $76.70 for the price of $69) - if you’re new to candle making or simply need a supply refresh, all the tools you need to get going are bundled so you can save! This kit includes a thermometer, bamboo mixing spoon, digital scale, wick trimmer, and small black pouring pitcher.
  • Pink Safety Glasses - stay pretty in pink and protect your eyes in style with scratch-resistant, protective lenses that give you a little more breathing room.
  • Clear Safety Goggles - practice safety first with 100% polycarbonate goggles that keep your eyes protected from unexpected splashes and puffs.
  • Pipettes - make with precision as these guys help you accurately measure fragrance, eco-dyes, and powders. 
  • Gallon Pump - keep things mess-free with a pump designed for easy dispensing + locking of fragrance out of our gallon-sized containers.
  • 16 oz Pour Spout - pour to perfection with a spout that fits our 16 oz fragrance bottles.
  • Spatula - use this versatile, dishwasher safe tool to press botanicals into soap and scrape wax off your work space.
  • 3 Piece Funnel Set - put the fun in funnels as you easily pour home care products, diffusers, and spray recipes into your favorite bottles.
  • Makers Cinch Bag - keep all your supplies in one place with this super cute and easy-to-transport drawstring bag.


One of our fabulous Makers squeezed some time out of her busy making schedule to stop by our studio and check out our new supplies! Marissa runs her own candle business called JUST JUNE CO. that we totallyyyy adore. If you need some creative Maker inspo, check out her shop or Insta for super cute content! After Marissa spent the day with us posing like a pro with our new tools, she shared some insight on her brand and how these tools are going to help her business thrive:

Describe your brand to us. What kind of Maker are you?

Just June Co. is my quarantine hobby turned business! I’ve always been a lover of fragrance and I fell in love with the making process of candles. Someone asked to purchase one of my hobby candles and I completely ran with the idea of Just June Co. 

How did you get started in this industry? How many years have you been making?

I’ve been around the candle industry long before I thought about making candles. My mom owned her own candle factory in Detroit and I have so many awesome memories in her shop. I personally just hit my one year of candle making!! 

How have you seen the industry change and what trends are you noticing right now?

I keep seeing the word “niche” everywhere! Everyone is trying to find their niche that sets them apart in the market. I find it very fun to watch because it really gets Maker creative juices flowing.

What do you love most about making?

I love so many parts of making and owning my small business, but the thing I love most is fragrance. I love being able to tell a story with fragrance or even how excited people get when scents spark a memory for them. I think the whole chemistry of it is mysterious and beautiful. 

What do you love least about making?

This question is hard for me because I don’t have many complaints about making, but I think sourcing products and shipping prices are my least favorite parts. It’s been a hard year for Makers and we’ve all had to learn to be chameleons in a way, changing and learning to be resourceful to keep making beautiful products. And then I personally struggle with shipping costs which is why I love taking advantage of makesy’s free shipping on orders over $99! It really helps so much. 

Give us a day in the life of you in your studio.

My studio opens bright and early when my furry coworker with four legs wakes me up to get to work! I start my morning with a walk around my little beach town and then it’s right to work - checking emails and packing orders comes first, then I’ll start planning content for upcoming days. Usually midday I’ll end up on maksey’s Instagram dreaming of ideas for longer than I like to admit. Then it’s time to pour! I like pouring later in the evenings so I can really enjoy my creative side and get all the “business” stuff out of the way. Coffee, content, day-dream, pour, repeat! 

Do you have any favorite music you jam to while making?

Hey Alexa! Play Rüfüs Du Sol Radio! Such a good vibe! 

What’s your favorite makesy product?
I thought my favorite was the Aura Vessels, but I got to play around with the new ONYX and MARBLE vessels and WOW! Talk about next level candle making. 

We had so much fun shooting with you! You are such a pro. What are your thoughts on our new Maker Supplies?

All the new tools are useful, well-made, beautiful, and SO content worthy! I can’t wait to take beautiful #MakerMoments photos. 

Which tool will become a staple in your studio and why?

The gallon pump really struck gold for me! I’m so clumsy sometimes so it’s going to eliminate all worries of spilling any precious fragrance oil.

We’re especially excited to launch our LARGE WAX MELTER, tell us how you think this new tool will help you in your making studio?
Omg! The wax melter... I was over the moon when I saw it, truly starstruck! It’s so beautiful and I can’t wait to start using it. I’m so old school right now and don’t have a spout on my current wax melter so I’m dreaming about the time I’ll be saving using the large melter and how much more accurate I’ll be when pouring my wax. 

Are you a pink goggle girl or clear goggle girl?
Wait.. I’m kinda both. The clear goggles give me “mad scientist vibes” and the pink goggles give me “queens with power tools” vibes. I need one of each!

If you designed your own Maker Tool Bag like our drawstring bag that says, “Makers Gonna Make,” what would yours say?
I think I figured out my Makers slogan earlier... Coffee, Content, Day Dream, Pour, Repeat!


We can’t wait to see how these tools help you make more of what you love! If you’re really feelin’ these new supplies and want to show us how they’re set up in your studio, tag us @makesy on Instagram so we can show you off!

Happy Making!