The Cloche: A Timeless Piece of Elegance

Capture the essence of luxurious fragrances.

Fragrance and candle making isn’t going anywhere. If anything, Maker creations are on the rise more than ever! With that, we decided to offer an enhancement that enriches the experience of your products and merchandising. Capture the essence of scents by covering your smell-good creations with this gorgeous translucent dome - when it’s lifted, it allows you to bask in the beautiful aromas that you’ve created.

THE CLOCHE is a classic, timeless piece that we’re excited to add to our product assortment. Get ready for a dose of translucent elegance

According to, Why You Need a Cloche in Your Home, cloches were created in Italy in the 1600’s where they were used as protection for plants in the colder months to block interference from winter winds and frost. The word “cloche” comes from French terms meaning “bell,” which describes the traditional shape of a cloche. It’s essentially a bell-shaped glass cover that can stand on all kinds of surfaces to protect and show off a creation (ahem, your AMAZING candles).

Fast forward to modern times, these cloches have been repurposed to retain scent. Cloches offer extremely useful benefits and we’re so excited to fill you in on how you can use these decorative, statement-making covers.


  • They keep dust and dirt off the surface of your candles, especially in true selling-settings like retail stores and farmers markets.
  • Waxes stay nice and bright with this extra layer of protection when candle isn’t in use.
  • Retains fragrance to enhance cold throws (what a lovely surprise for someone lifting the cloche to smell your gorgeous candle fragrance)
  • Offers a new way to decorate your candle instead of using a lid - larger candles have become a MAJOR trend in the last few years and this is a way to elegantly show them off.
  • Can be used to display other Maker creations like soap bars, sprays, etc. in home decor, retail stores, farmers markets, or photoshoots.

A classic piece like this offers versatile ways to market your products and brand. Elevate your assortment with a gorgeous translucent cover - one that you can continue to use over and over again!

Happy Making!