4 must-have candle care accessories.

Who knew candles needed care? Candle care matters. There, we said it. It might take an extra second, but the big rewards are worth the added time.

With a few easy steps, your candles will last longer and burn properly. The three main tools that come in handy include a wick trimmer, candle snuffer, and wick dipper. Say that three times, as fast as you can!


candle wick trimmer

candle wick trimmer

Grab your new bff, the wick trimmer. Before lighting, cut the wick to ¼”. Doing this prevents the "mushrooming" of the wick. If the mushroom is left, it can cause smoking, soot and a flickering flame. This can lead to an uneven burn and potentially dangerous sparks. Additionally, the candle may look dirty.

A wick trim is also necessary before the flame becomes too high. If you burn your candle for several hours at a time (which we recommend), wait for the candle to cool and then trim the wick again. This will ultimately lengthen your candle burning time because it will burn evenly.


candle care tools

candle snuffer

A candle snuffer, featured in our candle care trio, is your fun tool to safely extinguish your candle. Place the bell of the snuffer over the hot flame and wait until it extinguishes.

Yes, this is in place of using your breath to blow it out. Use caution here and do not to touch the bell after you've put your candle out as it may still be hot from the flame.


wick dipper

Next up, the wick dipper is an easy, useful, and multi-purpose tool which can extinguish a flame, move a wick into place, or clean up debris floating around the wax pool.  It features a long stem with an angled end. Not only can put out the flame in clean manner, it also helps eliminate smoke and soot.


electric lighter

electric lighter

Make enjoying your candles easy with a sleek and compact electric lighter. It includes a USB charging cord to conveniently recharge for continued use, reducing the impact on the environment.

Using these candle care tips and tools will extend the life of your candles and help you maintain a safe candle burning experience.