Manage Your Small Business Cash Flow With Afterpay


Hey Maker! As a small business owner, you’ve got A LOT on your plate - you’re a marketing manager, salesperson, product developer, content creator, spreadsheet master, financial planner… the list goes on and on. We get it because we’ve been there.

While you’re running the show, you need some cash flow. That’s where Afterpay comes in.

We totally understand your need to keep money in the bank while running your business. Afterall, you’re the one with the vision of what kind of products you make and budgeting is important to ensure that vision is met. That’s why we are WAY TOO EXCITED to be partnered with Afterpay - it’s an advantage for Makers like you with lots to create without having to break the bank. 


Now you can make larger purchases of your favorite items from the maksey makers marketplace and cut the total amount into FOUR SEPARATE PAYMENTS. It’s a “make now, pay later” situation and WE LOVE THAT FOR YOU!

So here’s how it works:

  • Add alll the fun, creative, inspirational supplies you want to your cart
  • Select Afterpay at checkout as your payment method
  • Create or log in to your Afterpay account + get instantly approved to pay in 4 separate installments
  • Make payments every two weeks, interest-free
  • Your products will ship ASAP

Take your budgeting and product development to the next level with Afterpay and make more of what you love from makesy!

We’re here for you, Makers. Be sure to share your Afterpay success stories by tagging us @makesy. We love seeing you build your brand!

Happy Making!