how to make your own diy diffuser.

Your home is your oasis. It is a place of tranquility and comfort. And by utilizing home fragrance in a reed diffuser, you can create a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere.

Diffusers are an easy, safe, and effective alternative to infuse aroma into the room without using heat, power, or flames. They emit a gentle, longer lasting and luxurious scent that is inviting for all spaces. 

diffuser base

They're also extremely convenient, and a beautiful aesthetic piece of home decor as well. Plus, they’re super easy to make!

Diffusers are especially great for bathrooms, foyers, offices, and nearly all spaces where people walk by.

The vessel features a small opening at the top where the reed diffuser sticks are placed. As the oil wicks up the reeds, the fragrance fills the room.

Fun fact: since a diffuser's reeds point in different directions, they disperse aroma throughout the room.

With proper care, a diffuser can last up to 4 months! With the beauty, intense aroma, simplicity, longevity and safety profile of diffusers, they have become a favorite in most homes.

You can easily freshen up your space, and infuse some in-SPA-ration into your home by making your own reed diffuser! 


making your diffuser

  1. You only need three main components to make your diffuser: your vessel, diffuser reeds, and fragrance oil (base + fragrance). 
  2. The number of diffuser reeds to display is a personal choice. We recommend 10-20 reeds as a good starting point, but you can add as many as your maker heart desires!
  3. When making your diffuser, make sure to choose a base for your diffuser liquid to enable your fragrance oil to become viscous. This will allow it to easily wick up your reeds. We recommend our coco reed vegan base.
  4. When determining how much fragrance to add to your base, it's really your personal preference. If you have a larger room or prefer a stronger scent, you'll want to add more fragrance oil to your diffuser base.


all about vocs

It is important to pay special attention to the VOC (volatile organic compound) content. If you're thinking, what the heck are VOCS? Let us explain!

VOCS are the particles that emit into the air. Most states have a limit on the percentage that is approved. The lower the % VOC, the better. 

When making your diffuser oils, we recommend our 100% natural and VOC-free bases which you can find here. These bases are also clear of all phthalates, parabens, sulfates and petroleum and are designed for a clean, optimal fragrance throw. 

get creative with your vessel


The fun of making your own diffuser includes endless choices from beautiful vessels to natural reeds, and luxurious fragrance oils. 

For vessel inspiration, including stunning colors and finishes, browse our full diffuser vessel collection here.

You'll find designs in matte black and white, lustrous gold and copper, and a translucent naked that is perfect for enhancing with natural gemstone chips.

Each of our diffuser sets includes a chic, glass diffuser bottle, a translucent diffuser stopper, and a diffuser collar that you can mix and match to customize the look.

You can also choose from various diffuser reeds here including our favorite rattan reeds that come in both natural and black. Our umber willow reeds mimic a tree's natural branches bringing an organic feel to your diffuser design. 


add a fragrance

Finally, your fresh fragrance choices await! Spa aromas typically have notes of lavender, citrus, rosemary, bergamot, lemon, orange, or eucalyptus. You can also use your favorite essential oils in your diffuser.

spa fragrance kit

Ahhhh. Breathe in….breathe out. 

Remember that fragrance is all about perception! If you feel like testing out our favorite spa-inspired fragrances, check out our spa and remedy fragrance discovery kit

If you're super creative and want to create your own spa scent, try our create your own fragrance kit. This discovery kit allows you to pick 10 different fragrance oils of your choice to test, blend, and experiment with. 

And lastly, you can never stop learning!

Check out this video for more inSPAration on how to make an easy homemade reed diffuser!

Transporting you to your zen oasis in 3…2…1. Relax and get diffusin’, maker!