How to Make Spooky Soap

It’s spooky season, Makers!

To kick off this fun and festive month, we’re making soap that gives you fun, spooooky, sudsy action! This project calls for a few supplies with eerie vibes, check ‘em out for this creepy clean creation:



STEP 1: Heat your soap base, Black Charcoal Soap Block, in the microwave or on a double boiler until it’s completely melted. If you’re using the microwave, make sure to only heat in 30 second intervals. Once the base has fully melted, you’re ready to begin adding fragrance and enhancers. 

STEP 2: Measure your fragrance to your desired fragrance load. You’ll always want to refer to your fragrance “Skin Safe percentages” as recommended for Soaps to ensure best results. You can find this on each product page under the “More Details” section. 

For the one we’re using in this spooky formula, Dark Rose + Labdanum Fragrance Oil, we’re adding 10 ml of FO per 1 lb block of soap base, which is roughly a 6% FO load.

STEP 3: After you pour in your fragrance oil, add in 1 tbl of Pearl Mica and stir for 1-2 minutes or until thoroughly combined. 

STEP 4: Lastly, carefully and slowly pour the mixture into your Oval Molds. If you spot any lingering air bubbles in your soap, you can spray the tops of your soap with Organic Alcohol to eliminate them.

STEP 5: Let your soap cool! Make sure you don’t move it while it is still liquified to avoid any uneven surfaces forming. One of the nicest things about Melt + Pour Soap Base is that the cure time is significantly shorter than traditional soap making processes, like cold and hot process. Once your soap has cooled, you can give it some fun mummy vibes by wrapping it in white yarn and adding googly eyes! 

STEP 6: Once you’ve decorated your soaps to your liking, they’re ready to pack in Organza Bags if you’re planning to sell them. These are perfect for displaying at farmers markets and craft fairs as consumers are starting to get into the Halloween spirit. Get creative with these soaps and use them to help build your brand in a super fun way!

New to all this squeaky clean fun? Try our Melt + Pour Discovery Kits for more soap making.

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Happy Making!