How to Make a Multi-Wick Candle

So you’ve mastered the single-wick candle. YAY! Now it’s time to take on a fun challenge and make a candle with multi-wicks. The end result? Flickering flames and a multiplied, soft crackling sound. 

Just like all other candles, making a multi-wick candle will require burn testing so you know what works and what doesn’t. If you have the single-wick candle making process down, this one shouldn’t take you too long to master, but if you haven’t conducted a burn test with a single-wick candle yet, we suggest you try that first. 

Check this blog + video out for instructions on how to make a wooden wick candle.

When making a multi-wick candle, the first thing to consider is your vessel diameter because that determines the number of wicks you can use. As a starting point for burn testing a multi-wick candle, decide how many wicks you’d like to use. 

Use this guide as a rule of thumb for burn testing multi-wick candles:

Divide the diameter of your vessel by the number of wicks you’ll be using. This will equal your  melt pool diameter. Your melt pool diameter will be the number you will enter in our Wick Selection Guide when it asks you to select your vessel diameter. 

For example, if you have a 6” diameter across the top of your vessel and you want to use 3 wicks, simply divide 6 by 3 so you know that each wick needs to create a 2” diameter melt pool.

Now, when you head to our Wick Selection Guide to find your wick, instead of entering 6” as the diameter of your vessel, enter 2” (the diameter of your determined melt pool). Keep in mind that this is only a starting point as you may need to wick up or wick down depending on your burn test results.

The shape of your vessel will also determine placement of your wicks. If you’re using a long rectangular shape, you would want to space your wicks out evenly along the center length of your vessel. A round vessel may require 2 or 3 wicks, depending on the size of the vessel and look you are trying to achieve. 

Lastly, make sure you always space wicks out evenly from each other and along the sides of your vessel.

Our Wick Sample Kits + Wick Selection Guide are the perfect tools to start conducting a multi-wick candle burn test. Check them out as you begin this new candle making journey!

Once you’ve mastered making a multi-wick candle, let us know by posting your creation on Instagram and tag us @makesy. We love sharing our Makers’ successes and hope your newfound knowledge that’s been put into practice will inspire other Makers, too!

Happy Testing + Happy Making!