How To Fix Candle Sinkholes! | DIY Candle Making at Home (2020)

Have you ever had a candle that was burning perfectly fine, and then suddenly it burned way down, and at that point maybe even extinguished? Chances are, it was a a hidden cavity within your candle, otherwise known as a sinkhole!

Sinkholes are unpredictable and can be a huge problem, but in this video we'll give you the techniques you can use to avoid them.

1. Heat your glass before pouring
2. Pour your candle wax at a lower temperature
3. Poke relief holes in your candle
4. Use blended waxes
5. Invest in a heat gun!

For more info on your candle's new best friend, check out our video Finishing A Candle With A Heat Gun here:

Do YOU have issues with sinkholes? Tell us how you deal with them in the comments below!