Give Your Candle Jars a Second Life


Once your candles have completely burned out, your candle jars are ready for a second life! There are soooo many ways you can reuse your colorful and clear Aura Vessels and Tins - they’re perfect for storing all kinds of things you use everyday and are a great way to playfully decorate your space like the kitchen or your home office. 


Check out our top 10 fun ways we love to use our makesy vessels all over again:

  • Flower Vase: Add some fresh flowers to an Aura Vessel and top it off with a Diffuser Lid to help them stand beautiful + tall!
  • Sponge/Kitchen Scrub Holder: Reuse colorful Matte Aura Vessels to store kitchen cleaners like dish scrubbers + sponges.

  • Makeup Brush Holder: Hold your go-to makeup brushes in a really cute + accessible way. Luxe Vessels anyone?

  • Kitchen Storage: Put everyday essentials like coffee beans, quinoa, rice, or nuts in Clear Vessels and seal it with a Wood Lid for a fresh take on kitchen storage!

  • Pencil/Pen Holder: Give your pens a sleek place to live in a chic vessel like this Matte Frost Aura.
  • Piggy Bank: Store coins in a DIY piggy bank by pairing a Translucent Naked Aura Vessel + Silver Diffuser Lid.
  • Travel Jewelry Tin: Take your jewelry with you in style by reusing Metal Tins as a home for your rings + things when you travel!

  • Hair Product Holder: Store hair ties, clips, and bobby pins in Gold + White Glam Tins so you always know where to find (and put) them!

  • Vitamin Holder: Make vitamin-taking-time a little more fun by keeping them in a pretty
    Sage Metal Tin.

  • Ceramic Scent Bead Holder/Decor: Hold Ceramic Scent Beads or Wooden Wicks the way they deserve, in a natural stone Onyx Luxe Vessel.

  • Show us how you upcycle your candle jars! Simply post a pic on Instagram of how you reuse them, tag us @makesy, and use the hashtag #VesselVersatility. You never know when we might share your brilliant imagination and creations with the world!

    Happy Upcycling!