fall trends for 2022.

After long days of play, lots of sun & a little bit of heat, it’s always bittersweet to say buh-bye to summer & jump into crisp, cool air, changing colors, warm apple cider & all the fall things! When lookin’ forward to fall, it’s important to curate your collection in two ways. 1. With a bit of that true fall nostalgia & 2. With current & upcoming trends in mind.

Ready to *fall* in love with fall 2022? ;) Let’s jump into some trends!

it’s not a phase.

Oh my goth! It’s back (in black). And no, it’s not a phase. Pinterest predicted that a goth aesthetic would make its way back into our wardrobes & homes throughout 2022, but Who What Wear solidified the trend that many call a lifestyle, lettin’ us know it’ll be a huge part of fall & winter 2022.

So how do you incorporate this aesthetic into your creations? Think black…lots, and lots and lots of black. Black candles & diffusers - even black diffuser reeds. Black packaging for all those skin care, body care, or hair care products. Anything deep, dark, and even a little grunge will make your product(s) a must-have item on people’s counters & shelves for the latter part of 2022.

candle care kit matte black accessories

Take a look at some of our fave black components to get you’re gothic gears turnin’:

  • black candle vessels
  • black diffuser reeds
  • black packaging
  • black matches
  • black crystals

  • chocolate, chocolate & more chocolate.

    fall fragrance chocolate

    There’s truly nothin’ better than warm & deep fragrance notes when the seasons start to change. Fall fragrances like vanilla, tobacco & cinnamon will be accompanied by chocolate in 2022. Think ooey-gooey, delicious chocolate fudge. Mhmm!

    Have you ever smelled a chocolate-scented candle? Tasted a chocolate-flavored lip balm? If you’re a fan of cocoa, odds are those that you’re makin’ your goodies for are, too! Don’t forget to add chocolatey colors to match those scents!

    connection to nature.

    In this post-pandemic world, people will be focused on living their best life, whether they’ve gained a newfound love for staying home or are ready to get out & start spreading their wings again. There is an emphasis on connection to the natural world through color, fragrance, ingredients, and functional benefits. What does this look like? Natural fragrances, neutral & earth-toned color palettes, and even ingredients such as active charcoal will be popular as people lean in & reconnect with nature.

    eucalyptus image


    As people start opening up their homes again, there is a focus placed on functional beauty. And why not? Elevated packaging for housing beauty products, luxurious vessels for candles that make a statement…things can be functional & beautiful at the same time! Some of our favorites for fall include:

  • 11oz dove allure double glass
  • translucent naked hobnail jar
  • 7oz translucent champagne posh vessel
  • translucent amber packaging

  • Whether you’re aiming to expand your color palette or dabble in a new direction, we hope that these trends will guide ya where you wanna go!

    Happy making!

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