Elevate Your Products With Eco-Friendly Enhancers

Let’s get EXTRA creative with ENHANCERS!

We know how hard it is to make candles and soaps and sprays when you are in the trial and error stages, and it’s such an awesome feeling when we see you finallyyyy nail your product with the perfect amount of wax or base and fragrance. So what happens after that? You get more creative of course and ENHANCE your products with fun powders, energizing crystals, soothing botanicals, and more.


As a supplier for our lovely Makers and advocate for enhancing your projects, we want to ensure you are making with the absolute best products that the industry has to offer. That’s why we went out and sustainably sourced our newest Enhancer, ECO GLITTER

Eco Glitter is an eco-friendly, plant-based alternative to plastic glitter proven to biodegrade in the natural environment. There is a major positive impact on aquatic life with this type of glitter since plastic glitter takes hundreds of years to decompose and because of its size, most of it ends up in the ocean. It’s (say it with us now) GLITTER NOT LITTER! 


  • Biodegradable 
  • Made from eucalyptus trees
  • Skin safe
  • Softer than plastic glitter

These glitters are SOOO much fun to make with and totally sparkle with eco-friendliness! As the holiday season approaches, we can just imagine the amount of creativity you will put into your new collections with these exciting, glistening jewel-tones. 

We’ve launched the following colors for you to choose from:

Shimmery, fine-sized glitters
Rubellite - ruby red sparkles for festive delights
Topaz - boost spirits with shiny, brilliant blues
Emerald - sprinkle gorgeous green glitter for vivid brilliance 
Amethyst - embellish with royal purple adornment
Bronze - an elegant ensemble for a glamorous finish

Fluorescent + fun glitter chunks
Gold - glisten creativity with golden shimmer
Platinum - metallic sparkles to elevate design
Copper - bedazzle with a dramatic shine
Psychedelic - iridescent, kaleidoscopic magic


We have so many fun supplies in our Makers Marketplace and would love to see how you put your own spin on your products with our super cool Enhancers. 

Check out some of our natural pigments, botanicals, and unique crystals for candles and other home + body care products:

Eco Dyes (intended for candles + wax melts only)

Scarlet Eco Dye - a highly concentrated dye that creates a pop of pigment ranging from pastel pink to ruby.

Indigo Eco Dye - creates a cool variety of blues and is made with a renewable solvent system.

Natural Powders (useful in bath + body and cosmetic products)

Watermelon Powder - creates a fun light pink to peachy-pink color and is known for promoting healthy hair and naturally brightening and rejuvenating the skin.

Activated Charcoal Powder - creates a stunning grey to black color and is safe for soap making, bath and body, and cosmetic products. This powerful powder is known for unclogging pores and removing dead skin cells.

Micas (for candles, soaps, body care, and more)

Pearl Mica - adds pearlescent + iridescent pigment with soft and silken luster to cosmetic products and candles you want to put some shine into.

Copper Mica - adds a silky touch of light-brown + caramel colored pigment to any project you think needs some tinted shimmer.

Botanicals (safe for candles, soaps, body sprays, and more)

Butterfly Pea Flowers - alluring deep blue flowers effective for enhancing mood and elevating energy.

Safflower Petals - rich, orange petals that are great for adding moisture to the skin.

Crystals (intended for candle and spray projects)

Peridot Mini Chips - aids in opening the heart to joy and new relationships, and enhances confidence and assertion.

Diopside Rods - a high vibration stone that awakens the heart and helps you receive love while encouraging trust, humility, and commitment.

We also want to give a quick shoutout to our Next Top Maker winner, Lex at Vibes Candles, who uses our Enhancers at a level we cannot get enough of! If you’re in need of some enhancing inspo, take a look at her awesome, vibey candle:


You and your creativity are an endless art form and we can’t wait to see more of your work! Show us how you enhance your products on Instagram and tag us @makesy so we can feature you!

Happy Making + Enhancing!