a creative evolution: meet makesy.

*inhale* *exhale* Ahhhh… secret’s finallyyyy out and it feels soooo good. 

From wicks to wax and everything in between… the future of making is so fresh ‘n’ so clean.

The Wooden Wick Co. started as a big dream in a small LA apartment and has done a whole lotta growin’ up since then. With over 1000+ stunning and innovative products, we’ve paved the way for makers all over the world (yep, the whole globe) to turn their passion for creating into a biz worth celebrating. Helping others make their dreams come true has been the most inspiring “reach for the stars, over the fence, World Series” kind of journey, and we don’t intend on pumpin’ the brakes anytime soon!

As we continue to grow, dream, and curate together, we’re so flippin’ excited to announce a new name (yeah, you heard that right) that encompasses everything we’ve become and will continue to be for you…

meet makesy.

Hiya! We’re makesy. Think of us as your go-to creative guidebook, hype-person, and bff all in one… pretty awesome, right? You can always (literally always) count on us to make magic happen for our makers. Ya know… things like expert guides, consciously sourced products, or an entire maker community of creatives alike… uh-huh! We’ve got it all! After getting to know you over the years, we guess you can say we’re ready to take this relationship to the next level. To put it simply, we got you! Together we will learn new things, accomplish our goals, celebrate the wins, and have a whole lotta fun along the way.

You in? Let’s make magic!